"Only executed ideas are good ideas."

With individual virtual and in-house keynotes & training formats, we help companies to develop their individual growth strategy, identify concrete ideas and growth hacks and implement them continuously.

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350+ training.
14+ years of experience.

About Hendrik & his team

You have many ideas, but the implementation is too slow? Which strategy is right? You have super products/services but not yet reached the right reach? You already have range but you lack a process to convert them into leads and sales? You want to scale now, but how?

We can help! 

To infect teams of startups, scale-ups and large companies with the Growth Hacking Mindset is our passion. We promise quick results and the aha experience of the teams, managers and stakeholders “We can do it”. Together we define your next measurable goals and implement them with you step-by-step.

Hendrik Lennarz acts with his team from the headquarters in Cologne and gives keynotes   as well as individual training formats & coachings. In-house on-site or digital.

Training formats that will put your team into action.

In our training formats, we give your ideas the initial ignition. We develop the right strategy with you and derive the right experiments from it. In weekly growth sprints, we then implement the experiments step-by-step with you.

The Growth Hacking Processserves as a guide.

Growth Hacking Masterclass (online)

In small groups we find your individual growth hack together. Perfect for beginners! Perfect to finally get to know us personally.

Individual Coaching (online)

In individual 3-month online coaching, we create an individual growth strategy with your team and implement it together with you in weekly sprints. The goal is to achieve fast results, in-depth knowledge transfer and the development of a growth infrastructure.

In-house Team Training

In individual training formats, we inspire teams with ideas, define an individual growth strategy and then implement them step by step into weekly sprints. This gives the team the initial ignition to implement ideas faster and better in the future. The training formats can be offered virtually and in-house on site.

We also turn your team into an implementation machine.

We inspire people and teams with a selection of more than 300 “really implemented growth hacking ideas, collected from B2B and B2C as well as startup, scaleup and business projects.

We motivate by igniting teams with the Growth Hacking Mindset. The focus on implementation is demonstrated in every format. Because nothing motivates more than really putting ideas into the implementation and seeing quick results.

We help transform classically organized teams into teams that work together on a goal, gain new insights on a data basis and continuously implement experiments – at high speed.

Keynote Speaker

Inspiration, motivation and fun through real Growth Hacking Stories. Each participant is guaranteed to take a Growth Hack with him to implement. Experience from more than 350 keynotes and team workshops.
We offer keynotes on site and, of course, digitally.

Growth training for teams

Individual in-house or digital trainings with inspiration and implementation sprints. Public Masterclasses & Bootcamps. Continuous individual coaching to define and implement your growth strategy.

Start with Growth Hacking right now!

No idea where to start? The collection of top 100 Growth Hacks is always a good start. More than 5,000 Growth Hackers and Marketers have already been inspired by this.

These resources help you hack your own growth story.

Growth Hacking Process

Learn how to provoke growth step-by-step with the Growth Hacking Process V5.0. The Growth Hacking Process is a step-by-step guide that allows you and your team to implement the right ideas in a structured way. Best of all? You can use the process as an interactive poster in the office as a real planning tool!

Bundled Growth Hacking Know-How in one place

Book: Growth Hacking with strategy

The first German-language book on growth hacking introduces you to the basics of growth hacking and helps you to implement ideas immediately.

Podcast: Growth Hacking with Hendrik Lennarz

In the Growth Hacking Podcast, Hendrik talks to leading experts in marketing, sales, product management and other growth-related topics every week.

Growth Hacking Blog: Know-how for free

In our Growth Hacking Blog you will find concentrated know-how on the topic of growth hacking, leadership, product management and marketing.

Growth Hacking Blog