"Only executed ideas are good ideas."

Hendrik Lennarz acts as Keynote Speaker, Growth Hacking Trainer and author . He helps startups and companies to write their own Growth success story.

14+ years experience

Since more than 14 years, I inspire teams with the Growth Hacking Mindset.

300+ Trainings

We established the usage of our Growth Hacking process in more than 300 companies - across Europe.

0% Bullshit. 100% Execution.

Our Growth Hacks, strategies and methods are 100% execution-focused.

Our passion: Helping people and companies to write their own growth stories.

Sorry – there is no magic formula, that makes you become a billionaire over night. Unicorn startups like Slack, AirBnb or Dropbox know that pretty well. Two core competencies differenciate these startups from the others…

1. The adaption of the Growth Hacking Mindset, what makes teams curious in learning new things and execute experiments continously.

2. The learning of Growth Hacking process V5.0, that gives them a step-by-step tutorial for Growth.

We can help your team, your company to adapt these competencies with our established Growth Hacking trainings.

Growth? This is how we can help you.

We inspire teams with a well curated list of more than 100 self-executed Growth Hacks. Adaptable for B2B and B2C. For Startups and grown-up companies.

We motivate, by giving teams the self-confidence, that they are able to do it better than your competitor. We focus 100% on execution. That´s what we stand for. We´ve learned that executing things satisfies the team the most. What means 100% motivation.

We help to transform organizations that are designed in departments with controverse goals into cross-functional Growth KPI oriented Growth teams, that are executing in high-speed.

Keynote Speaker

Inspiration, motivation and fun by authentic told Growth Hacking stories. Experience from more than 300 keynotes and workshops.

Growth training for teams

Individual inhouse training programs. Public Bootcamps (online+offline) Continous support for a better and faster execution of your individual Growth hacking Roadmap.

Not sure, which format fits your needs? Let’s have a quick telephone call – Yes, it’s free. We’ll find something for you.

Start with Growth Hacking right now!

Start with our Top 100 Growth Hacks, choose one and execute it.

These resources help you hack your own growth story.

Growth Hacking Process

Learn to drive Growth step-by-step. The Growth Hacking process V5.0 is a step-by-step tutorial to find appropriate weak- and sweet spots in your strategy and gives you everything you need for instant execution. What´s the best? You can use our Growth Hacking process V5.0 as interactive poster for team planning in your office.

Bundled Growth Hacking Know-How in one place

Book: Growth Hacking with strategy by Springer Verlag

1st german written publication about Growth Hacking. It gives you an introduction into Growth Hacking, tons of examples and a good insight into how to build up Growth Hacking teams.

Podcast: Growth Hacking with Hendrik Lennarz

Our Growth Hacking Podcast with Hendrik is published two times a week on iTiunes, Apple Podcast, Spotify, soundcloud and so on…We want to provide everything what you need to setup the perfect Growth Hacking environment for your team. Existing interview guests help us to give you insights, you´ve not got somewhere else before.

Growth Hacking Blog: Know-how for free

Our Growth Hacking Blog continues stories, examples, Best Practices about Growth Hacking, Leadership, Product strategy and Growth Marketing.

Growth Hacking Blog