Growth Hack: How to use NPS to wake up sleeping Free users…1 min read

All Growth Hackers who are offering a Free offer or a Free-Trial period on their websites have the same problem, converting the free users into satisfied paid users. Onboarding funnels, Trigger mails, Sales Pipelines etc. – anything is possible. Gilles Bertaux – Growth Hacking expert from Paris presented a very smart Growth Hack. With the end of the free-trial period the user gets an email with a smart customer satisfaction survey, based on the NPS (Net Promoter Score) scheme.

But why does it work?

If you are able to connect the results of the survey to your CRM or emailing-tool, you can do the following:

  1. (9-10 points)All users who are very satisfied should get an upgrade-email.
  2. (7-8 points) All users who are not fully satisfied, but on their way should get an extension for their free-trial period. Maybe a little support to make it even better.
  3. (less than 7 points) Offer support, ask if you can help. Ask where is your problem?

Easy, or what do you think? I love this Growth Hack, because this is a very very real user segementation without any loops – directly to the point. Thanks Gilles.


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