Pricing Page Optimization is psycho stuff!1 min read

You can´t believe which impact designing the right pricing page can have on your website´s conversion rates. Are you already testing you´re packages, prices, designs in Growth Hacking style? Perfect, then you will find some good ideas for your upcoming test period. You are not testing, because you know that your pricing page is already perfect? Fine for me…but stupid 😉 Find 8 psychological triggers to optimize your pricing page.

Optimize your pricing page with psychological hacks

  • The decoy effect: Help visitors to decide, making packages and their difference really obvious and clear.
  • Anchoring effect: Highlight “Recommended” packages.
  • Analysis Paralysis: Don´t show too many packages. Using primes makes sense.
  • Scarcity: Make your product look more valuable. Show the number of people who recently viewed a property or the last time it was booked.
  • Loss Aversion: It´s hard, but play with peoples´fears instead telling them what to win.
  • Hyperbolic discounting: Use coupons to drive conversion for your “most expensive” package.
  • Choice supportive: Use testimonials on your pricing page to emphasize a package.
  • Trust: Mention numbers how often something was bought. Show customer reviews and well-known trust icons.


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