The easiest way to get started with Growth Hacking. Growth Hacking Bootcamp with Hendrik Lennarz.

Your guide to drive Growth. In just 1 single day you get our Top 57 most valuable case studies from over 300 Growth Hacking workshops with startups and large companies. An all-round cover full of insights, strategies, tricks and tools for instant implementation.

What does the bootcamp offer you?

In just one day you will receive individual recommendations for the implementation of your individual Growth strategy. We only share real Growth Hacks (for B2C and B2B) from our own and Growth Hacking projects with our customers.

Our goal: Each participant takes at least 3 individual Growth Hacks with them for instant implementation.

This focus on implementation makes the Growth Hacking Bootcamp unique in its kind.

After bootcamp

  • You have created an individual Growth roadmap
  • You can implement new ideas much faster than today
  • You know exactly why Growth Hackers focus on the entire customer journey and not just on traffic, traffic, traffic.
  • You have finally developed the perfect positioning - The conversion burner for your website
  • You know what your perfect target group really needs
  • You know the best tricks to make business models scalable
  • You have an overview of which marketing channel is the biggest scaling lever for you
  • You have everything to get started effectively with video marketing on social media
  • You know exactly how to build a simple sales funnel that fills up continuously with new leads
  • You can create converting websites and landing pages yourself in just 1 hour
  • You get 5 tools that will make life easier for you without IT or design resources
  • You know why building cross-functional Growth teams represent the Growth Hack No.1
  • You have taken home a huge amount of motivation so that you want to implement your Top-3 Growth Hacks as soon as possible.

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Learning & fun go hand in hand...

The day will be particularly worthwhile for founders, marketers, product and innovation managers of companies willing to learn. B2C and B2B – we have ingenious hacks for both target groups.

The Bootcamp is not a classic marketing seminar or workshop. To make sure that the participants really feel comfortable and take a maximum of inspiration with them, 2 factors are especially important to us:
1. We have only real Growth Hacking examples of our own and we bring them over with a lot of fun and all needed details. This increases the learning and motivation effect enormously.
2. We choose cool & inspiring locations, mostly in coworking spaces instead of boring & stuffy conference hotels.

Find your top 3 Growth Hacks...

and be the first in the team to actually implement Growth Hacks. #executeordie

Online Bootcamp #39 (German)

LIVE: Video-Konferenz
Maximal 12 Teilnehmer

Online Bootcamp #40 (ENGLISH)

3.4.2020 | LIVE: Video Conference
Maximum 12 participants

Growth Europe Summit 2020

18th and 19th June 2020


Most frequent questions and answers

Each Growth Hacking Bootcamp is limited to a maximum of 30-40 participants – depending on the location. This allows us to respond individually to each participant with their questions and examples. This is exactly what makes the Bootcamp valuable for beginners, medium and growth hacking professionals. Some topics and examples will look familiar to you – that’s obvious. But in the context of the Growth Hacking Process V3.0 and peppered with real-world examples, at the end of the day you too will take home and implement your Top 3 Growth Hacking Roadmap for direct implementation.

Growth Hacking works for B2C and B2B business models, easy. But it works differently at important points of the customer journey. Since Hendrik has worked for Trusted Shops for years, a company that always had to deal with both B2B and B2C as target groups, we have enough ideas and growth hacks for both areas. No worries.

That’s right. This whole day is about 100% Growth Hacking. So the combination of marketing, product management, data/analytics and tech. If you are looking for a marketing workshop that explains the basics of how marketing works, then this is definitely not for you.
We will show you all the connections between these disciplines and of course also in-depth Growth Hacks and strategies for e-mail marketing, social media, sales etc. But not only marketing stuff. This is important!

Our bootcamps always take place in the city centre and in cool coworking spaces. No boring conference hotels. In the bootcamp you will always get water and coffee so that you will not die of thirst. You won’t fall asleep anyway, I promise. For the lunch break we usually go out together and get a quick snack on the hand (not included in the ticket price).

If the next Bootcamp dates don’t fit into your calendar at all, then sign up here for our weekly Growth Hacking Email Reminder to make sure you don’t miss any Bootcamp dates.

If you would like to book a Single-Coaching for yourself or a Team-Coaching, so that we individually focus only to your Growth challenges, then please contact us. We will then discuss with you what can be most useful for you.

If you have any further questions, please contact us. We will definitely get back to you within the next 24 hours.