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How the Growth Hacking Process Works

Unfortunately, we cannot teach you how to become a millionaire overnight. Our experience has shown that THE ONE Growth Hack does not exist at all.

But… Good news, we have a step-by-step guide for you with which you can move your team or company into implementing the right ideas, growth hacks, and strategies.

Because we know one thing from more than 13 years of real project experience with startups, scale-ups and companies only too well: Continuous growth is a process. A process that involves much more than just social media, strategic online marketing or the implementation of any ideas.

So now it’s high time to get involved with the application of the brand new version 5.0 also for your company or for your team. Let’s go!

The 4 Elements of Growth Hacking Process

Growth Mindset

A growth team must acquire three very special superpowers. 1. The ability to establish a mindset in which constant learning and optimization determine the everyday life of each employee. This is driven by the idea of optimizing itself and thus the entire business. If you talk about a winning mentality in professional sports, we call it the Growth Hacking Mindset in business. 2. The ability to implement an operational process in the team that continuously provides a space for execution for new ideas for improvement. 3. Constantly ignite the team's curiosity to experiment with the latest tools and technologies, thus brutally increasing the speed of execution of experiments.

Idea Generation & Validation

At the beginning there is only one idea at a time. An idea can be a new business idea, a new campaign, an optimization, a new product, a new target group or a new marketing channel. But how do I find out if the idea will be successful or not? Very simple: as slim as possible, fast and cheap. True to the Lean Startup principle, every idea can really be formulated and implemented as an experiment. In this way, the risk to fail on a large scale can be systematically reduced.

Product Market Fit

Building the perfect product, the perfect feature or campaign is certainly the right ambition. But even with the help of a first prototype (MVP = Minimum Viable Product) the first customers can be won. With the help of their feedback, we can then quickly add additional features or expansion stages to the product. The aim of the product market fit phase is to roll out the idea on the market. Along with winning the 1st "real" leads and paying customers. The decisive factors in this phase are above all a crystal clear positioning, a clear understanding of the target group and a functioning business model.

Growth Marketing

The Growth Marketing Phase is about finding scalable marketing channels that can attract new users or new customers with a positive return on investment (ROI). So we have to scale. In short, the focus is on marketing and sales. Team building, automatisms and processes, a clean data base, clear goals and the entrepreneur mindset are also in demand at the latest in this phase...