Only executed ideas are good ideas.

With our keynotes, we bring the audience into execution mode.

Need examples? My keynote titled Growth Mindset: 3 effective tips to get started" at GedankeTANKEN (German) in August 2019.

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300+ customers can't be wrong.

Why our keynotes keep the audience engaged

Hendrik loves to infect his audience passionately with the Growth Mindset With his energetic manner and carefully selected real Growth Hacking examples, he ignites the desire of every listener to implement the 1st own Growth Hacking idea as quickly as possible! Complex topics such as online marketing strategies, social selling, digital product and business model development or the development of agile teams are easily explained. There is a desire for more.

What participants say

My favorite topics

A really good keynote, a really good lecture lives from the interaction with the audience. Filled with countless examples that everyone really knows from real (professional) life, we make the most complex connections accessible to our participants. Our lectures are just fun, because that’s the best way for an audience to learn.

My goal: inspiration for new ideas coupled with the motivation for immediate implementation. #executeordie

"The Top 7 Growth Hacks for Your Industry"

Growth Hacking is just a buzzword? Not really. I'll show you how to get going with the right Growth Mindset and the application of the Growth Hacking Process This applies to B2B and B2C, to startups and to corporates. But also for individuals who want to take the next step in the digital world.

"Execute or Die"

How do the most successful startups grow rapidly and disrupt entire industries overnight? Quite simply, they implement hundreds of ideas per day and thus leave nothing to chance, but to the customers.

"Growth Mindset for Teams"

The War of Talents has long begun. Every startup, every company searches in vain for new employees who are able to understand and serve the new world around Instagram, Netflix, Tik Tok or Tinder. Where can I find them and how do I get these people on board? How do you transform existing teams into modern "high-speed teams"?

Request Hendrik as keynote speaker!

Are you looking for an experienced keynote speaker with experience from over 150 presentations? A speaker who knows how to inspire his audience and to inspire them to rethink? In German or English? Then please send us a non-binding enquiry.

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Video example 1

“Growth Hacking process V2.0” (ENGLISH) – Ruhrsummit 2018, Bochum

Video example 2

” What the F**k is Growth Hacking” (German) – OMDUS 2018, Düsseldorf

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Video example 3

Growth Hacking is more than Online Marketing” (ENGLISH) – Inorbit 2018, Slovenia

How did I learn to present?

I was able to give my first lecture at the end of the first semester (in 2001) of my business informatics studies. I got the grade 4 and the comment “far too emotional”…
Later as CTO and Head of Product Management at Trusted Shops was presented to my daily business. Internal, external… Did I rock the stage? I don’t think so…
As part of a leadership training i had to take part in in 2012, I was supposed to spontaneously give a 3-minute presentation on any topic. No time for slides, no time for anything… Spontaneously, I discovered for myself what is now called storytelling. I told a holiday story about myself and my wife… After 3 minutes I received my first standing ovations from the other 11 participants as well as from the coach. He said, “I’ve been doing this here for almost 20 years, but it was the best short presentation I’ve ever heard.” It had made click!

Since then, I’ve been presenting differently. I tell real stories from life, both professionally and privately. Always with the clear message “Growth” and “Hacking”. In the meantime, I have been able to use my keynotes more than 100 times in front of small (… 5), medium (… 50) and large groups (… 500) hold… in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Amsterdam, Valencia and Switzerland.

The highlight of my speaker career was definitely the appointment to the renowned stage of GedankenTANKEN in August 2019.

I love inspiring and inspiring people who want to go one step further with my stories. Privately or professionally – decide for yourself.