The right team. Growth Hack No. 1!


This is exactly the mindset embodied by our Growth A team.

On the one hand, we “hack” on a daily basis from our own growth strategy for our brands and products. On the other hand, for start-up and corporate customers in the form of keynotes, public bootcamps, workshops and company trainings.

Each team member of course has his or her own individual expertise. Everyone has their specialty. What unify us all, however, is a pronounced Growth Hacking Mindset. We are simply obsessed with finding new ideas, testing them and pouring them into a system if they succeed.

It is precisely with this energy that we infect our customers and give them a special superpower that can make the difference between disrupting and being disrupted.

In this sense:

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Hendrik Lennarz

Founder, Keynote Speaker & Growth Hacking Coach

Hendrik Lennarz has been a senior product manager, CTO and growth hacker for growing companies and startups for over 13 years. Hendrik is an international Speaker & Growth Hacking Coach and author of the 1st German-language book on Growth Hacking.
Hendrik has helped build the well-known e-commerce brand Trusted Shops as CTO/CPO from a start-up to a successful company with more than 300 employees.
In the last 2 years, as Growth Hacking Coach, he has been able to help more than 220 startups, medium-sized companies and large brands write their very own Growth (Hacking) story.

Bastian Willers

B2B Sales Growth Hacker

Bastian is A Growth Hacker with a focus on Sales Funnel / B2B Sales. He is responsible for the entire sales process and customer success management. Meaning he takes care of incoming leads until they are successfully converted to satisfied customers. In workshops and coaching sessions, he works together with corporates and startups to develop what an individual sales funnel looks like or how an existing sales process can be optimized.

Tobias Liebsch

Product Marketing, Content, branding, Positioning, Value Proposition, Strategic Messaging

Toby has 10+ years of experience in design, copywriting, growth marketing and product marketing. At, Toby is responsible for content marketing and supports the team with many ideas for blog posts, newsletters and much more!
He knows how to create AHA moments… whether it’s the moment you realize who’s the ideal customer, or the moment when your customer UNDERSTANDS his product or the moment you understand what value you’re doing…

Regina Wagner

Online Business Management

Regina is our expert in preparatory accounting, back office & social media. Her extensive knowledge of data protection and legal bases and talent in organization and accounting make her an irreplaceable team member. Of course, she can also help you with important matters.

Victoria Blechman-Pomogajko

Full Stack Event Management

Victoria is the event hacker on our team. Their drive is to bring people and ideas together. Whether art or startup, whether conference or festival. At the forefront of their work is the challenge of creating the moment when people can meet and exchange, learn from each other and help each other. And that’s her strength!

Josias Hornstein

Performance Marketing

With us, Josias is responsible for everything in the direction of performance marketing! Marketing is clearly his strength, because it convinces with creativity and real growth hacker skills. Josias is also an Associate Consultant, Startup Co-Founder & Marketing Master Student. His Growth Mindset is on fire!

Stefanie Götten

Team & Process Coach

Steffi supports us in working together transparently as a team to achieve our goals and thus achieve better and faster results. She motivates us to communicate clearly and openly with each other in direct conversation and with the help of the appropriate tools – even remotely! As an agile coach, she knows how to ask the right questions and keep pushing us, so that we as a team continue to improve. She believes in the power of self-organization and intrinsically motivated people. It’s about doing the right things (purpose!) and doing it in the right way individually – everything that helps is good! This can also be the good old project management. And a bit of structure never hurts in general.

We are looking for reinforcements for our A-Team

We don’t ask for your CV. why? Quite simply because it is not as important to us as your attitude to continue to learn and to work with us on our jointly developed vision.

What we are looking for:

You burn for what you do, for generating new ideas and for trying them out in high-speed…
You are generally empathetic and can put yourself in the needs of your customers unbelievably well…
You love to train groups and of course you are not afraid to speak in public…

If you feel like it,

… to work in a highly motivated team, which is guaranteed to infect you with the Growth Hacking Mindset…
… every day to learn new disciplines in online marketing, product and innovation management or in the construction of a start-up from the picke…
… 80 to work regardless of location and time (1 day a week we meet with the team on site in Cologne in the office) – but still to be permanently in contact with the team…
… Earning your coal with something you really enjoy and doesn’t feel like working…

Challenge accepted?

Then simply fill out the fastest application form in the world and we will get back to you…