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Wir haben es geschafft über 300 Unternehmen in die kontinuierliche Umsetzung des Growth Hacking Prozesses zu verhelfen. Im Video erklärt Hendrik was unsere Trainings so besonders macht…und wähle Dir anschließend das passende Workshopformat aus.

The 4 Steps Transformation to a Growth Hacking Team!

Growth Mindset Infection


We ignite the team at an interactive workshop day with the Growth Hacking Spirit and inspire with over 150 selected and real Growth Hacking examples to develop their own Growth Hacking ideas. The top 3 ideas are chosen by the team and placed in the individual Growth Strategy Roadmap.

The 1st Growth


In the first Growth Hacking Implementation Sprint, the team’s top 3 ideas are implemented in small cross-functional working groups. Incredible but true: So far, all 3 Growth Hacking Ideas have been implemented on the first day!
An incredible mindshift for the team.

Repeated Growth Sprints


After 4-5 weeks we come back for an execution-sprint. This will help your team get out of the day-to-day business and get back into the Growth Mindset. We analyze results, further optimize and initiate new growth hacks. How Growth Hacking works.

Permanent Growth Sprints


Long-term implementation of Growth Hacking Sprint rhythm by in-house/remote sparring. From here on, the team has internalized the curiosity, skills and Growth Mindset to perform growth sprints on their own. As a sparring partner on an equal footing, we always have advice and support for all growth issues.

Choose your Growth Hacking Kickoff Package...


  • Growth Mindset Infection of the team
  • 150+ Selected Growth Hacking Examples
  • Selection Top 3 Growth Hacking Ideas + Growth Roadmap
  • 100 Energy and 13+Years Growth Hacking Experience
  • House


  • All services from the 1-day Kickoff Workshop
  • PLUS Hackathon to implement the top 3 growth hacks by the team on Day 2
  • Includes 2. Growth Hacking Consultant for implementation support
  • In-house


  • All services from the 2-day Kickoff Workshop
  • PLUS Follow Growth Sprints 4-5 weeks apart
  • Results analysis and optimization of ongoing hacks
  • Generating new ideas and implementation.
  • In-house

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