Growth Hacking Bootcamp                Berlin –  12.10.2019

Learn Growth Hacking in just 1 day

The goal: Infecting as many (corporate) entrepreneurs as possible with the Growth Hacking mindset. After hosting 30+ public bootcamps with 700+ attendees in cities like Munich, Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Vienna, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Zurich, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart we´re still in love with this idea.

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Growth Hacking Bootcamp Berlin

Saturday, October 12,  2019
10:00 – 18:00 Uhr MESZ 

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What is a Growth Hacking bootcamp?

It´s the easiest and cheapest way to let yourself being infected with the Growth Hacking mindset and learn how to implement the Growth Hacking process V2.0 step-by-step by yourself.


1-day bootcamp

A bootcamp is special workshop format that focusses more on collaboration and interaction, than on presenting 1.000s of boring slides. It´s made for makers, who wants to change the way they are working or the speed they are growing. Too reach as many willing and curious Growth Hackers across Europe, we´re hosting a public Growth Hacking bootcamp once a month in another “bigger” city. 



You get specific tips instead of 1000 ideas that don´t suit your business. 
  We will scribble new landingpage concepts and email marketing funnels. We will discuss about Growth team organizations and testing live on screen how to test new target groups. Just to name a few.


100% hands-on tips

in just 1 day, Hendrik shares more than 100+ self-tested Growth Hacks while navigating through the Growth Hacking process V2.0. His bootcamp concept ensures, that you´ll not be overwhelmed by too many ideas. Instead you´ll take away your individual Top-3 Growth Hacks for instant execution.

What attendees say about it

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

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What you´ll take with you

In the case you are a freelancer, a startup founder, working for an online-marketing or ecommerce agency or as product- or marketing manager for a small-medium enterprise…You´ll get tons of inspirations and new ideas how to optimize the way you´re working on your business.

Sorry, Growth Hacking means a lot of work!

Growth doesn´t come overnight. Growth is even more something nobody wants to hear. It´s Trial&Error. You´ll have to test hundreds of ideas to find out which one will kickstart your business. Our Growth Hacking process V2.0 serves as step-by-step roadmap and emphasizes that Growth Hacking is not only Online-Marketing.

Suite “real” customer needs

In the beginning there is the product. What are the real customer needs and how could I find them? What is my value proposition and why is it not to find on my website? (Check your website now ;-)) Why is user experience and user onboarding key?

Build & test scaling business models

Who is my typical target group? Where could I find them? How should I talk to them? What about pricing strategy and offering something for free? How does it work?

Get traction with Online-Marketing 5.0

All of us want to find the secret key to marketing automation, right? But first of all we have to test which marketing channels are the ones with the best ROI? How to optimize them? How to track? What about Instagram, Facebook, chatbot-/video-/influencer-marketing etc.? When is it the right timing to start with SEO or Google Adwords? 

Execute faster than the competition

Your working environment must give you the space to grow. Sounds easier than it is? We know. You´ll get tools for automation, new ways for team collaboration & working agile and all the stuff to implement the Growth Hacking mindset in your company.


We know, there are always questions..

Beginner, Medium or Advanced?

Each Growth Hacking bootcamp is limited to 20 attendees, so that we´re able to work on your individual examples and use-cases. That makes it valuable for beginners, medium- and professional Growth Hackers. Take a look at our customer testimonials to see, that either beginners or advanced people get new ideas and some extra motivation for the instant execution of their Top-3 Growth Hacks.

Showtimes doesn´t fit?

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Lunch & Drinks

We´re hosting our bootcamps always in cool locations like coworking-spaces or similar. No boring conference hotels. You´ll always receive at least drinking-water and coffee for free. For lunch we´ll organize something together around the location (not included in the ticket-price). Means, much more time to get to know each other and ask individual questions.

Is it for B2B too?

Growth Hacking works for B2C and B2B, yes. But a little bit different. Due to Hendrik´s personal history of working for Trusted Shops, a company with a b2b and b2c target group, we have enough Growth Hacking examples for b2b and b2c, that will help leveraging Growth for your business. No worries.

What you´ll get

With your bootcamp-ticket you´ll save your seat at the 6-hours bootcamp,  you´ll receive all bootcamp-slides, voucher-codes for further Growth Hacking formats and a finisher-sticker or certificate (if you need something for your boss.)

More questions?

if there are still open questions then don´t hesitate to contact us. We´ll answer for sure in the next 24 hours.

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Can we book Hendrik individually?

if you´re not the only one who wants to be infected by the Growth Hacking spirit, then check out which coaching formats are available and contact us to get an individual offer.

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